Custom-Painting Your Motorcycle Helmet

Custom-Painting Your Motorcycle Helmet

The motorcycle helmet’s primary function is to protect the biker’s head. If the color of the one purchased does not express the owner’s personality, it is always possible to put stickers or better yet to custom paint this.

The best place to get some ideas will be to visit a local decal store. If none are interesting, the person can always check various websites online. Should there be a good prospect, this should be printed and shown to the local shop and ask if this can be done.

The individual should not be surprised if the detailing shop in the neighborhood cannot accommodate the request. This is because the establishment may not have the proper equipment to make it happen.

Should tis be the case, the person will just have to get the job done over the Internet. The customer will have to select the design and give a time frame. The biker will also have to determine how this will be paid.

Those who have brand new helmets should ship this to the manufacturer to have the work done. The person must not forget to put the contact details inside so this can be returned when the task has been completed.

If the cost for shipping this is too expensive, perhaps it will be much cheaper to order a new one with the custom painted job included. The owner has to make sure to order the helmet that will fit one’s head because giving the wrong details will make this useless when this is delivered to the customer.

The price of custom painted motorcycle helmet varies. This will depend on the type of paint used and the amount of time taken into making the design. Given that this will entail shipping and handling, it will be safe to have about $500 for everything.

Many of these shops prefer to work on brand new solid color helmets because the effects will not be the same when this is done on an old one. It is advisable not to sand or use primer to remove the moldings since the specialist will also be doing that before painting this with the new design.

When people see a car, it is easy to see the detailing on the sides. Since this is much different for a motorbike, the best thing to look at will be the custom painted helmet that is often considered by many to be a work of art.

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Must Have Motorcycle Accessories

Motorbike Leather Jackets and Bomber Leather Jackets

Motorbike Leather Jacket and Bomber Leather Jackets are types of leather jackets available in the market. The name motorbike leather jacket is itself suggestive that this type of leather jacket is mainly used by motorcyclists. Bomber leather jackets were named after the American air force pilots worn leather jackets while flying aircrafts during Ist World War. These Bomber leather jackets are also known as flight jackets.

Leather jackets in form, whether motorcycle leather jacket or flight/bomber jacket are produced with an aim to provide protection against seasonal condition and security. Though motorcycle leather jackets are used as fashion up-to certain extent the flight jackets are utilized purely for the purpose these are manufactured.

Like other motorcycle ride gear motorcycle leather jackets has its importance in providing you security. When I say this it may appear ridiculous for you. But surely I am totally wrong. Wearing a leather motorcycle jacket will surely help you if you happen to met with a minor accident like missing or misjudging a turn. Your leather motorcycle jacket will surely protect you from getting bruised. You may have number of othe questions while choosing a motorcycle jacket. Then why only leather jackets? I have number of reasons for your question. Leather is known for its qualities like heat, cold, puncture and tear resistant. That’s why your leather motorcycle jacket provides you protection in all seasons. Leather jackets though some what expensive are more durable as compare to other available materials used for manufacturing jackets. Leather can be stretched molded in a shape which suits you best. The other qualities of leather like wicking away moisture and breathing ability makes you more comfortable when you wear your leather motorcycle jacket.

Leather motorcycle jackets are available for both sport bikes as well as common motorcycle riders. These leather motorcycle jackets are available in various colors, designs and styles.

Though the Bomber leather jackets, also known as flight jackets have become popular this popularity does not justify the aim these jackets were manufactured for. Many people use these bomber jackets during their air travel as a fashion or as a status symbol. Do you know why these bomber jackets were initially manufactured? These bomber leather jackets were specially manufactured for providing protection to pilots during Is World War. During those days most of the aircrafts were without closed cockpit and aircrafts were not insulated. These bomber jackets were introduced by American Army. These bomber jackets consisted of zipper closures, wrapped high collars, fur lining and snug cuffs. The first leather flying jacket was manufactured from ship skin. The need to manufacture modified leather bomber jackets was felt for protecting pilots flying advanced aircrafts from high altitudes and low temperature regions. These modified bomber leather jackets gained popularity among general public due to its style, adventure and as a symbol of honor.

The current version of Bomber jacket is manufactured with following specifications. These bomber leather jackets have two inner pockets, zipped pen holders on left sleeve and slanted pockets on front and are mainly worn by defense personnel.

After long years the bomber jacket has retained its style and popularity. Bomber leather jacket gives you ruggedly handsome look. You may even use these bomber jackets as everyday wear. As these leather bomber jackets are manufactured from full-grain hide these jackets are durable and will provide you protection against weather conditions year after year.

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